About us

Isaac Reina the brand


“I am trying to make very simple goods, so normal, without any pretention. Almost industrial, mass market shapes, but handcrafted, giving priority to the quality. I am trying to forget the traditional iconography used for luxury. What matters is : a beautiful material, a beautiful manufacturing and the right proportions (elementary principles, essential ones, but too often forgotten). Only the details we need. Nothing else. (The hard task to always simplify, again and again). Maybe a non-design concept after all, almost invisible. (Like taking time to get some rest, to take a breath of fresh air). No innovation at any price. Trying to avoid too many effects, to keep the essential : the fonction. Looking for a type of natural and unsophisticated beauty.”


Bags and small leather goods.
All our products are designed and made in Paris. The leathers used come from French tanneries working with respect to traditional leather tanning methods. Our bags and small leather goods are handcrafted carefully in four different workshops all based in Paris and its area.